IOD Decor Moulds™ Trimmings 3 6x10

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Three times a charm (although we still dearly LOVE our Trimmings 1 & 2)! But the IOD Trimmings 3 Mould might just be our MOST favorite yet.

Introducing SIX unique, antique-inspired border trim elements that feature beautiful curves, graceful lines, and natural elements.  Unique to the Trimmings 3 Mould, we created designs that seamlessly connect between castings.

Remember, not only can IOD moulds be used on furniture makeovers and upcycle projects, but also in soap and jewelry making and food decorating (think cookie dough, fondant, and pie crusts, oh, my!). We made a few improvements to the new IOD Trimmings 3 Mould.

We’ve also started adding measurement marks to all our moulds. There are several ways you can use them – with resin or in sugar arts… but also with clay!